egoworld extension anelliThe micro ring hair extensions system is a new completely "cold" method which does not require the use of any equipment or source of heat. Easy and fast to apply, EGOWORLD's hair extensions are HAIR FRIENDLY, because they need no remover or glue. Our rings, practical and fast to remove, leave hair clean and dry.
Light and anallergic, they match perfectly with any hair colour.

One of the most important values of these hair extensions is that they can be used more than once.
Packed one by one to assure the utmost hygiene and hair integrity, they are available in several colours, in 10-20-50pcs packages, in two hair lenghts (40-45 cm and 50-55cm) straight or wavy (remy quality).

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With ring to apply

cod. pz lenght    
A45B 20 40/45 cm straight  
A55B 20 50/55 cm straight
OA55 20 50/55 cm wavy
RA55 20 50/55 cm curly

With integrated ring

cod. pz lenght  
RINEX1610 10 40/45 cm straight
RINEX1620 20 40/45 cm straight
RINEXSS20 50 50/55 cm straight
RINEXFW20 50 50/55 cm wavy