egoworld extension con clips

Egoworld, leader for over ten years in the extensions’ industry, offers all kinds of human hair extensions and among them "estension star with clip”, a very trendy system, which allows you to change your look whenever you like and wherever you are.
It is handy, because it can be put on and removed in few minutes; it can be used several times in different situations; it is the cheapest human hair extension system on the market.

Egoworld presents it to you in a completely renewed, up-to-date and practical packaging composed of 3 strips 15/16 cm wide and 45/50 cm long.
Moreover, for a wonderful méches effect there is a packing with one strip 23 cm wide.


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ext-clips-mossi ext-clip-28-80 ext-clip-18-3



cod. clip lenght cm width cm strips    
CMT18/3 3 45/50 15 3 straight  
CMT18/3B 3 45/50 15 3 straight, +20% of hair  
CMT18/24 4 45/50 24 1 straight  
CMT28/70 3 45/50 28 1 gr. 70 straight  
CMT28/80 3 45/50 28 1 gr. 80 straight  
COMT28/70 5 45/50 28 1 gr. 80 wavy  

Single strips

cod. pz lenght cm width. cm    
HHCD6 6 50/55 3 straight
HHOCD6 6 50/55 3 wavy