ext-biadesivoIn 2007 Egoworld was proud to present the double-sided adhesive tape extension system.

Now we are very proud to show the development of this product, with clear improvements compared to the previous version.
The new double-sided adhesive tape is less perceptible to the touch, because its height has been reduced by 20% and its thickness by 50%.
In this way you can achieve the “sandwich effect" by using one single double-sided adhesive tape, which has already been previously cut and on which the double- sided adhesive has already been applied in order to reduce by 25% the extension working time.

The hair quality is 100% REMY HUMAN HAIR. The double-sided adhesive tapes are available in a great variety of colours, in 12 pcs and 24 pcs packagings (each tape is 4 cm large), and the hair lenght is 50-55 cm or 40-45 cm.

The extension can be used more than once by appling a new double-sided adhesive tape.





cod. pz lenght  
RMA2024 24 50/55 cm Straight
RMA2012 12 50/55 cm Straight
RMA1624 24 40/45 cm Straight
RMA1612 12 40/45 cm Straight
RMAO2024 24 50/55 cm Wavy
RMAO2012 12 50/55 cm Wavy